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When my vet, and all other facilities closed for Memorial Day, my only recourse to euthanizing my dying dog was the clinic, an hour away from my house. The call i dreaded most to make, was answered by a kind, competent assistant who fully informed me of what to expect, including available services, costs, and how the procedure would be conducted. Upon arrival, my dog was seen immediately and prepped while i filled out paperwork. the bet was calm, gentle, professional but sympathetic ( to the dog and me), as we sent her on. The end came quickly and calmly. when it was over, the assistant quietly asked if i would like any keepsake. My grief prevented me from responding coherently. She made several suggestions then very tenderly, took my dog from me for the last time. The vet kept me company till she returned with a clay paw print with my dog's name stamped on it, a lock of her hair in a plastic baggie, and her collar and tags. these little mementos and the staff's genuine concern for my sorrow proved a surprising comfort on the long drive back home. My heartfelt thanks for the very professional and humane way in which they handled the entire issue.

- Kate S.
The staff was great, Bodie saw both docs and got excellent care. What the place lacks in fanciness it makes up for in quality of care.
- Melissa C.
Simply the best in time of need. Caring professional staff.
- Fred T.
Had to take my old dog in to have it put to sleep. Office staff was very caring and understanding to my needs.

- Steve S.
The entire staff took great care of our puppy. Our dog had parvo, was almost dying and made it through. The vets seem to really care about animals, not money. They just don't want to have to put an animal down. One of the vet techs even had her parents bring in their dog for a transfusion. They let you visit your animal while he's there and will give you updates if you call. They're also significantly cheaper than the other animal hospitals and will have someone there to check on your dog constantly. Our dog is now healthy, gaining weight, and acting like a puppy again. I'm glad we went there.
- Miguel M.
Excellent care. The staff was great, friendly and caring, my dogs and cats like them. Doctor quickly diagnosed and saved my dying cat. Prices are very reasonable, i love to recommend them.
- Unknown
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